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by on June 14, 2009

bowian-head-market2WARWICK JUNCTION 

“At central Durban’s busiest intersection, stands the Warwick Junction Early Morning Market. The market has thrived for nearly a century.  This historic market is crucial to the lives of about 1 000 traders and their dependents.   The market is under attack from gentrifiers: bureaucrats led by city manager Michael Sutcliffe and a developer looking for big profits. They want to replace the market with a mall.  Their excuse is the 2010 World Cup, they say we must “clean the area of criminals and upgrade the infrastructure”. The officials argue that black working-class consumers need this mall for their convenience and prestige. But is it right to destroy the livelihoods of a thousand traders? Will the traders afford to pay rent at the new mall?  Why did the police teargas the traders last Saturday? What is the way forward in the war to save the market at Warwick Junction?”

from a pamphlet inviting to a meeting on 9 June  2009 in the Memorial Tower Building at UKZN, in which traders, researchers and organisers presented their views on the current situation and respond to questions and challenges from the floor:,61,3,1781

outside early morning market  09-06-09_1329


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