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Raw footage archive: Malungisa- Mzinyathi

by on July 1, 2009




Malungisa Youth Organisation (MYD) is a community based organization which is located at uMzinyathi. It was formed by 2007, founded by Bongisipho Phewa under the mentorship of Dudu Khumalo (Gcabashe).It aims was to develop youth Mentaly and get them empowered by skills which can be a good benefit to them and the community as a whole, also to see the young people playing a good role in building their community. Please visit our blog on:

Mzinyathi (Qadi clan) is a rural area their lifestyle is mainly driven by cultural practices/activitries, it one of the oldest areas around Durban (KZN) as it date back from the 18th century. This area is part of ward three which consist of different communities who are living different lifestyles as Skebheni,Machobeni,Matikwe,Matata e.t.c…As Malungisa we are trying to cover the whole ward , we are sanding a vote of invitation to any young candidate from ward three who is welling to join us in the struggle for social development.

This is part of the Raw Footage compiled by Malungisa in Mzinyathi a village in the North of Durban. Incudes mainly collected interwviews following standard D/S questionnaire format i.e. biography, family tree, and memories about area, what has changed? What would you change? Dreams for future of area/self, popular saying/proverb, favorite song and any other comments (see D/s questionnaire on )…
Mix languages mainly isiZulu and some English. Very rough but interesting reflections about the history of amaZulu, changes in African traditional rule, the dictatorship of modernity, issues of current youth thought… songs… poems and indegenous Hip-Hop.

PLEASE SHARE ALIKE. WE treasure these records.

 Related parts of the DURBAN SINGS audio archive can be accessed via the switchboard blog  and directly via the local editorial teams:


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