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Raw footage archive: Youth in Action- INK

by on July 1, 2009


Youth in Action Organization which is based in Inanda Newton A, working around the INK area, due to social issues, community development and improving skills of the young kids around the area do visit our blog on;

Click here to listen to some of the footage online:

We as youth in action work in a big area each consist of a big number of citizens because our organization is working around Inanda,Ntuzuma,Kwamasha.At this moment we have managed to just cover two area for now include Inanda and Ntuzuma,we hope in the near future we would expand  into Kwamashu.

Our organization aims to improve skills of the youth in the INK area, the standard of living, develop the under-developed and at this moment we searching for young kids talents on cruses, young men’s issues and also kids awe ness and care.
Our population that we are working around via our research with the Durban Sings project is 175700thousand and in that population more citizens are unemployed then the employed. Most of these citizens stay in the informal settlement then the formal settlement, and we have 37 schools around the area.

This is part of the Raw Footage compiled by Youth in Action in Ntuzuma, a surburb in the North West of  the City of Durban.

Incudes mainly collected interwviews following standard D/S questionnaire format i.e. biography, family tree, and memories about area, what has changed? What would you change? Dreams for future of area/self, popular saying/proverb, favorite song and any other comments (see D/s questionnaire on…
Mix languages mainly Zulu/English.

PLEASE SHARE ALIKE. WE treasure these records.

Related parts of the DURBAN SINGS audio archive can be accessed via the switchboard blog and directly via the local editorial teams:



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