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Raw footage archive in proccess: uMlazi

by on July 5, 2009

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Umlazi township is one of the most populated urban African settlements in has a rich history predating the arrival of Colonial forces in the territory now called Natal. It is said to have gotten its name from the king of  the Zulu state: Shaka. Whilst most histories ans discriptions of this area have been done by outsiders talking to distant audiences, the Durbansing research has helped to uncover and re-center memories held by thothose who call uMlazi; Home.

This is part of the Raw Footage compiled by Umlazi youth organisation:

, in the South Durban, covering many sections and household profiles.

Incudes mainly collected interwviews following standard D/S questionnaire format i.e. biography, family tree, and memories about area, what has changed? What would you change? Dreams for future of area/self, popular saying/proverb, favorite song and any other comments (see D/s questionnaire on )…Also some sampler Indegenous Hip Hop tracks by Umlazi Mcees and Zulu hihop heads.
Mix languages mainly Zulu/English. 

PLEASE SHARE ALIKE. WE treasure these records.

Related parts of the DURBAN SINGS audio archive can be accessed via the switchboard blog   and directly via the local editorial teams:

UMLAZI http://www.umlaziyouth.wordpress


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