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Call to participate in recording & remixing African Oral History for a Global Audience!

by on December 6, 2010

this is an open & on-going call for listeners contributions.

Durban sings call poster final 1, CALL FOR RESPONSE: make a conversation across the lines

Hallo Listeners, Artists, Audio Activists around the globe, we suggest you follow these links to start listing if you want to  learn more about this project: audio compilation July 2009  incoming listener responses to date ,

 radio interview about DURBAN SINGS (page + quicktime link),62 community portal


  1. I’m a graduate school student at New School in NY researching contemporary cultural activism. I am fascinated by this project and would love to learn more about it’s conception, origin, and intentions. Please e-mail me so that we might begin a conversation on this work.

    • durbansings permalink

      greetings Jesse, many thanks for your post and interest.
      we are many. so would be great if we’d correspond via the blog. as there can be resonances from all over. we are keen to engage in correspondence. one-offs and on-going (like in the ‘letters from…’ pages). in writing or exchange of creative productions.
      and yes, your correspondence can be included in the forthcoming DURBAN SINGS publication. in response to your enquiry we started to put up some suggestions above where to start listening. the ‘skype conversations’ with intercultural-communication students on “the letters from Windsor CA” page might also offer interesting entry points. Or, if you prefer text, there is one on the ‘update of project’ page that offers a bit of a summary. we are also working now on index pages for archived audio and responses/ remixes to make our audio archives easier to brows.
      and by the way, we enjoyed browsing the on-line work and links you put up. Esp. your text on cultural activism:
      thanks for bearing with us (all DURBAN SINGS editorial team members, including myself, are not on-line at home)
      ONE LOVE
      claudia (radio continental drift)

      • Thanks for getting back to me Claudia, and for reading my blog. It only functions as a place to post my class assignments at the moment. I read your project update and took a look at PASS and Vibro as well. This kind of work is close to my heart and I very much want to see where this goes. Have you made any contact with the youth slam poetry movement in the US? There seems to be a great affinity. I’m currently interning with Groundswell, a cultural activist collective. I’m also working on a personal project that collaborates between spoken poetry, indie music, and short films. I’d like to keep you updated with my work as I move along, and I will certainly do a remix of something from your archive. I may also be able to involve other artists in remixes. Are there other collaborative/filed recording/community projects like this?

  2. Hi, I could not find your contact details on the website. How can I get in touch with you?

    Sphe Mbhele
    031 307 1988
    072 058 6675

    • durbansings permalink

      greetings, Sphe, and thanks for getting in touch. motho’s and my e-mails are on ‘audio media & oral history’ page. you can reach us at the centre for civil society UKZN, 031 260 1506 (motho), or via admin 3195, 3577 (helen, lungi). monday for example…
      one love
      radio continental drift

  3. I would love to remix some local Durban music,african oral history etc. . . Please if anyone could contact me and help me with obtaining the correct links to music I will be able to access to remix.
    Your help would be most appreciated.

  4. Hei Claudia,

    Here is my mix!


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