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From Durban- Dakar to Jozi (Johannesburg)

by on March 1, 2011

DurbanSings!  in Jozi 2011: Program concept and execution dates:

Above  is a graphic representation of the Jozi incubation  plans between March 21- March 31 2011.

  • Monday, 21 March (AM) - D/Sings arrive in Jozi
  • Monday, 21 March- Tues, 22 March-   Setting up & final logistics.
  • Wednesday 23 March - Tuesday 29 March 2011- Run the program (as sent earlier)
  •  Wednesday 30 March- Evaluation & Way-forward.
  • Thursday 31 March (AM) - Exit D/Sings!
Total ten (days) in Johannesburg, nine (9) of which are residential.


Audio reports, songs and stories for the creation of an online audio-producer network on the continent and beyond.

This one-week workshop aims to share, explore and provide participants with tools, methods, background material and information to become active in the fields of audio radio/ community media and oral history archiving procedures. We want to practice, discuss and develop together and for your various groups and areas how you can actively adopt the methods and applications developed by the DURBAN SINGS project; and through this process develop a working audio media collective for your group/ community/ area.

The activity will take the form of a dramatic walk-in audio media and oral history environment traveling with its producers from Durban to Johannesburg to extend and strengthen the network of producers the project has initiated.

 A participatory audio media and oral history environment including:

 ü      drop-in recording studio

ü      drop in audio editing and on-line broadcast studio

ü       listening room and exhibition (documentation of ‘slow broadcast’ and   oral history tools in process)

ü      all parts of the environment facilitated by DURBAN SINGS producers

ü       on-air broadcast involving local radio stations

ü       on-line broadcast involving international participants and stations

ü      “pavement-broadcast”

(open mic, DJ, speakers on pavement, street recordings, mixing from DURBAN SINGS archive and contributions from passers-by in Johannesburg)

 Projected Outputs: We plan on making 50  copies of the audio recording generated during the workshop sessions- this compilation will be included on our main site under the “Letters from Jozi” section and as the basis for Jozi release thereafter. The suggested scheduling amendments will allow us time to reproduce and package the Durban Sings! DVD ready for a Johannesburg launch event during the Keleketla incubator (i.e. 21-30 March 2011).

 Participants: Regarding participants; it would be ideal to work with a core group of 10-18 participants due to limitation of space and equipment- these may constituted in the following ways: seven (7) members of the Keleketla Library core group, five (5) members of IMC/Rasa collective in Jozi/Soweto, three (3) members of the SofireTown collective based in UJ and four (3) spaces for other relevant persons/artists based in Jozi.

Padagogy/ facilitation: there will be 2  (motho + another) doing the content facilitation/training with circulating co-facilitators drawn from the D/S collective in the main w/shop space; -at all times there will be three other D/S members collaborating with jozi collectives to coordinate the floors & who will oversee the archive-installation and outside DJ booth spaces.

 Equipment: a detailed equipment list in the coming days to give some time to gather & prepare for the installation. 



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