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audio postings from Joburg photographers







images: radio continental drift


This page gathers audio recordings and images resulting from a one-week audio workshop for photographers held for the Photojournalism and Documentary Photography Programme at the Market-Photo-Workshop (MPW) in Johannesburg in February 2009.


This page will also continue to serve as a mailbox for correspondence of this Joburg group of photographers.  

The idea and trajectory of the workshop was to research with the participants and within their practice a variety of methods and concepts how audio recordings may be used by photographers in the process and/ or presentation of their work. The attached text documents give details on the programme and outcomes of this audio-photographic laboratory.


– workshop outline and programme day-by-day mpw-feb-audio-workshop2,

– general outline mpw-feb-audio-workshop

– report and outcomes report-of-workshop-outcomes

 – invite to presentation audio-workshop-28022009


During the one week of shared research and debates something like a theme developed throughout the individual projects which could be summarised as:



AV-micro-documentaries of urban subjects attached in forms of transitory belonging to ‘their’ environments and objects












 images: MPW


Photojournalism and documentary photography project list.

Project Name



Key words



Bridging the day.

Henrika Theron

Architecture, city, movement, people, time, Nelson Mandela

Camera, audio devices: hard drive recorder + bin-aural mic, (dicta-phone, cell phone), audio editing software

Movements of people over the Mandela Bridge, tempo, routine, turf politics, security guards. ‘New’ Jozi?

In transit to Jo’bag

 Mandisa M. Ledwaba

Journeys, trains, faith, music, conversation, communities of commuters.

Mini-disc recorder + external mic, camera, pen and paper, audio editing software.

Focus on regular church services in trains, number of people who journey to the city daily, new forms of belonging in transit.

Self- Empowerment.

Itumeleng English

Ordinary people, extra ordinary effort, optimism, hope, despair.

Text (pen & paper), Voice recorder, Camera

Street images of ordinary people engaged in self-empowerment stratergies, audio sound scapes/ interviews with such.

Hip-Hop Culture

Sibulele Kanango & Bethule Nkiwane

Main stream hip-hop culture, gender,. identity

Camera, pen and paper and voice recorder.

Explore hip-hop culture through interviews and


gather contrasting perspectives on the subject.

Sound mind Expression.

Mokone L. Mofokeng

Street Kulture, indigenous wisdom, urban lifetyle, commuting, determination.

Cassette tape recorder, pen, paper, camera, ‘live editing’.

Exploring multiple dimensions of meaning and belonging, music spontaneous art culture youth.

Do I really exist?

Karabo P. Mooki

Identity, subversion, anti authority/anarchist, conformity. Othering.

Camera, Voice recorder, pen paper, photocopies

Exploring commodity culture and attempted counter cultures. submission and socialisation.

Mabuza’s Cake Project

Muzumani P. Hlungwani &


Motswaledi settlement, local inventiveness, poverty, survival.

Voice recorder, camera, pen and paper, computer.

Zoom in on efforts of one man who refuses to be overwhelmed by his challenging circumstances, local ‘indigenous’ bakery in the back roads of Soweto. Interview in Shangaan with explanatory notes.

The Trolleys

Madoda L. Mkhobeni

Trolley pushers, surviving, migrants, territory, precarious existence. Language, attitudes, city.

Voice recorder, camera, pen paper.

Making a living in a hostile environment, creating friendships, constructing meaning, attachment to objects in a network of urban waste.

We are also human

Wanjiku C. Kaminju and Siphathokuhle  Moyo

Memory, Joy, authority, security

Camera (digital), Voice recorder, Pen and paper, audio editing software.

Bringing out the human side of police officers, favourite memories, interviews and visuals.





Tebogo Moabi

Friendship, youth, identity, politics, time and memory

Camera, voice-recorder

Friendship and its sphere/ traces of influence (on the photographer himself)

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