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letters & remixes

 REMIXING AFRICAN ORAL HISTORY for a global audience this is an open & on-going call for listeners contributions. for your response to be included in this year’s DURBAN SINGS  publication the deadline is: 30 June 2010


We would like to thank all contributors for their correspondence! 


(note: direct quick-time links to audio track in green)

DURBAN SINGS Garth Rennie: cjam91.5fm: LIVE ON-AIR RE-MIXES:

10 July 2009 Remix: Similo Remix  & Albert Park Remix ; remixing: Similo Gobingca, Downtown Bar: & Gideon and Delphine, Albert Park

6 May 2009 Remix: DURBAN SINGS & Underground Resistance: ; remixing compliation of 13 mini-clips:  

Alan Dunn: DENNIS SLOW (1:20); Remixing Dennis Brutus:

Anonymous: REMIX (3:04); Remixing: DURBAN SINGS call-for-response , Dennis Brutus, Bekin & Mawuso Dingani

Michael Curran: MEDUSA (3:05); Remixing: eThekwini Metropolice

Bill Riley (Alec Skelding & Dennis Compton): THE UMPIRES LAMENT ():46)

Andrzej Kedzior: AUDIO LETTER (2:47)

Sirpa Jokinen: SUMMER MELANCHOLY (2:26)


Nazaneen Dizani: VOICE OF MINORITIES (1:13)

Angad Chahal: NATIONAL ANTHEMS (3:54)  ;  Remixing:

Karabo Kgoleng: DURBAN SINGS on “Afternoon-Talk” SAfm 25 March 2009: Remixing:;

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