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audio reports trans-continental


Editing the Nairobi conversations is in process, and I hope to upload them soon, so you could also tune in…

I’m experiencing Kenyan urban society as strangely uprooted, having lost touch with the ground, the earth, its history & future, young middle class youth quite without perspective, vision & drive (resembling Europe…). I’m missing the politicised air and heads, which still (just about… ) characterise South African society. So much colonial inheritance hold up high, unquestioned.   RCD20100606

Audio letters and remixes.


01 Foxstreet is a residential cul-de-sac in Troyville/ Joburg. Life takes place outside in the street. Until recently it was home to many African immigrants…

02-03 Adam shares a room with four other man from Zim in Gabs. During the day, he drives tracks across the straight, hot roads of the Kalahari…

04-06 Maria Fisch spend 20 years in the Kavango area, first as a doctor then as ethnographer. clips from the collection: “picture archives of Dr. Fisch”…

07-08 Joe Murangi is a travelour, an Hereo, ex-boxer, writer and founder of ‘Volunteers Association Namibia’. more recordings with Joe under:

09 a brief sound bite from a weekend gig of the Soweto Arts Festival

10 Sunset in Swakop – captured while walking along the beach of Swakopmund…

27-06-09_africatransit2sunset in Durban

ORF/ Kunstradio in Austria recently re-broadcast  the LONG WALK radio play:; the piece is not on-line.

A beautiful radiophonic remix of radio continental drift and Durban Sings is on Silakka Radio shows produced by DJ Shinji Kanki 100.3 MHz Laehradio in Helsinki

RCD’s conversations just uploaded; the one with Jimmy Ogonga a Nairobi based Kenyan artist. “…a day after and triggered by the arrest of the performance artists Ato during her performance ‘Freedumb’ outside the Kenya National Archives, and a long conversation with two young rappers and hip-hop artists/activists ( ) in the garden of Alliance Française, smoking…”:

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