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letters from Windsor CA

vanguards of trans-atlantic community, media and curriculum development

A group of 95 students at the University of Windsor CA are currently engaging with the DURBAN SINGS project as part of their Intercultural Communication Course. The students are required to deliver a written assignment about the project and produce an audio letter in response to recordings from the DURBAN SINGS on-line archive. The aim of this pilot is to test the limits and possibilities of on-line communication tools as platforms of productive activist exchange across the fields of community, media and curriculum development for local groups of possibly very diverse social and cultural backgrounds. The curriculum of the course is being re-written in on-line transit and correspondence as the recordings of two skype lecture sessions on 29th May and 5 June 2009 can document :



Audio Letters from Windsor CA to Durban SA


from: Angad Chahal,  June 09 This is a piece I compiled to bring together the national anthems of Canada, South Africa and the United States. The recording closes off with a remix of the famous speech by Dr. Martin Luther King

From: Nazaneen Dizai, 17 June 09 The Voice of a Minority

From: Andrzej Kedzior, 22 June 09 Andrzej Kedzior’s letter to Durban Sings

  1. I have posted a letter in response to cultural diversity.

  2. durbansings permalink

    many thanks, Nazaneen; and also many thanks to you, Angad!
    it’s a great pleasure receiving your postings. we’ll be able listening to them with the entire editorial team on monday.
    warm greetings from Durban

  3. I have posted a letter at

    Voices to Africa – Juxtapopsing Fragile Communities

    • Motho permalink

      Greetings Collette! wonderful and invocative piece, lovely to hear your musical mixing of factory machines with those very woried voices of ordinary workers of Windsor. The a selection from the text that acompanies Collette’s piece reads:

      We respond to the Durban Sings Project recordings from South Africa with interviews and sounds of factory work. It represents a reflection of the current economic environment of Windsor, known as both a manufacturing and transportation hub of Canada. After listening to Beverly Websterâs recording from Durban offering a descriptive glimpse into the Durban environment, a sense of fragility could be observed. Durban has in common with Windsor that we are both major transportation hubs. The idea of fragility and an environment in economic downturn in a deeply embedded manufacturing sector creates a response to juxtapose these two communities with one another. Further, the idea of engaging in intercultural dialogue and offering an understanding of community and environment in separate parts of the world is an integral part of this response. Of great significance is the notion of employing sound as a form of a presence (for which, there is not a physical presence) to actively engage an audience”.

      Sobering and universally relevent in these precarious times. All the Love from the Southern Tip of Africa. Strength and Peace.

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